How to Prepare Traditional German Recipes : Cutting A Schnitzel Cutlet

Hi! I’m Chef Rainer Wickel and I am here today with Well we are on to
our next step and that is cutting the meat. Now we have some really nice pork chops right
here. As you can see they are really really thick and these are really nice choice pork
chops. But the thing is they are way to think to make wiener schnitzels. We need to make
them about half an inch thick because our next step, we are going to basically pound
them and make them really flat. We need to make them a little bit thinner so that we
can do that. So what you need to do is put the pork chop on its side and make sure to
get a nice sharp paring knife. You want to make sure it is nice and sharp because you
are going to cut it right down the middle and then just go ahead and take the center
point and start cutting. Now you want to make sure that you have a really sharp knife because
these are pretty thick so you have to get all the way through them and that is the main
reason we need a really good cutting board because we really do have to cut these pretty
well. So go ahead and cut through that fat, fold them apart and as you can see, that’s
a good half inch thick. That is pretty much what we need. They can be a little bit thinner
but we can go ahead and pound these out so they’ll be nice and flat. You can see here
around the sides here we still have a lot of fat. You have to make sure all of the fat
is cut off so just go ahead and set it down and just slice the fat off, go all the way
around. You know cut a little bit into it. You might get a little bit of meat in that
but you want to make sure that the fat is completely off. Some times on these chops
you got a little extra piece of meat in there that has a little bit of fat in there. You
can go ahead and leave that on because that’s not that much and let’s go on to the next one. Boy, these
chops look pretty good. These are going to make some pretty incredible schnitzels. I
know this is an awful lot of work but believe me, the end product is well worth it. Boy,
those look really nice. Those are going to make some really good schnitzels. Okay and
that’s how we cut our meat to make wiener schnitzels.