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Hello friends, welcome to my German kitchen!

I Angela and I am so exited you stopped by. I created that blog because I love to share with you my authentic German recipes and their culinary background stories. I warmly invite you to experience the German Gemütlichkeit and the tradition rich culture of German Cuisine.

In the Mood for German Food?

Join us on a journey through German culture and cuisine!

All Tastes German is home for all people, who share the love for German food and are interested in learning about the German customs, traditions and celebrated holidays.

Learn how to cook traditional and modern truly authentic German recipes and entertain the German way. Tour all regions of Germany through your taste buds and learn on your way about German culture and traditions!

Whether you want to get in touch with your German heritage, plan your Oktoberfest celebration or just want to cook that German signature meal that you enjoyed in Europe, you will find it on All Tastes German.

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