What is it?

A fruity beer cocktail.

How is it called in German?

“Berliner Weiße”

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Berliner Weiße

Berlin Style Beer Cocktail

Berliner Weisse is a lightly-sour, low-alcohol beer. The Berliner Weisse beer developed into the favorite drink of the Berliners around 1700 and is still an all-time favorite in Germany.

The Berliner Weisse is a bright, top-fermented draft beer. The alcohol content is about 3% and makes the Berlin beer an especially popular drink, which is drunk with or without a shot of woodruff or raspberry syrup from a bowl-shaped glass with a stem.


Berliner Weisse Inspired German Beer Cocktail

Angela Schofield
Course Drinks
Cuisine German


  • Light Ale beer
  • Woodruff or raspberry syrup


  • Add the syrup to a glass with stem.
  • Fill up with ale beer.
  • Mix well and serve with a straw.

Serving Tip:

Try with different fruit syrups of your choice.