Oktoberfest Dictionary

Learn the Essential German Words for Oktoberfest

German is easier than you might think…

Let’s have a look at a few of the most important words that will help you to find your way around at the Oktoberfest or to impress your guests.


German name for Bavaria. It is the largest of the 16 German States (Bundesländer), with Munich (München) as its capital.

(das) Bier

Beer – If you want to order a beer you would say: Ein Bier, bitte! (A beer, please!)


Hello and good bye in Bavarian.

O’zapft is

Bavarian expression, meaning ‘it’s tapped’. Read more about that custom in the Culteretainment section.


German for “cheers”. Another expression for “Prost” is “Zum Wohl” which means to your health.

(die) Wiesn

The Bavarian name for Oktoberfest event location.

(das) Bierzelt

Beer tent. There are 34 tents at the Oktoberfest; 14 large ones and 20 small ones.

(das) Dirndl

Traditional German dress, it also means “girl” in Bavarian.

(der) Bierkrug

A beer mug or stein.

(die) Brezel

A soft pretzel. In Bavarian dialect called Brezn.

(das) Hendl

Bavarian for chicken. Roasted chicken is one of the most popular dishes at the Oktoberfest.

(die) Lederhose

Leather trousers, particularly popular in Bavaria.

(das) Madl

Bavarian for “girl”, in German “Mädchen”.

(der) Bua

Bavarian word for “boy”. The German word is “Junge”.

(die) Gaudi

A lot of fun.

(das) Bussi

Bavarian word for “kiss”. The German word is “Kuss”.