Oktoberfest Herzen Icing Sayings

When you visit the original Oktoberfest in Munich, you will notice a lot of people wearing a large gingerbread heart on ribbons around their necks. It is tradition to buy your sweetheart one of these tasty cookies and wear it while strolling the fair. All gingerbread hearts are decorated with a message.

Recipe & Template:

You can find a recipe and templates here.

List of popular Oktoberfest gingerbread heart messages, along with their English translation:


  • Oktoberfest 2019
  • Grüße vom Oktoberfest – Greetings from the Oktoberfest
  • O´zapft is – It´s tapped! (The first day when the Oktoberfest opens, the Mayor of Munich officially taps the first keg of beer and declares “O’zapft is“)
  • Bier – Beer

Love & Friendship

  • I  mog di! – I am fond of you! in Bavarian
  • Küss mich! – Kiss me!
  • Ich liebe dich! – I love you!

For Him:

  • Lausbub – Little rascal
  • Fescher Bua – Handsome guy in Bavarian
  • Wilder Bua – Literally translated a wild guy in Bavarian, used like “naughty boy”
  • Schlawiner – Rogue in Bavarian
  • Platzhirsch – Literally translated “dominant stag (deer)” used like “alpha male” or “top dog”

For Her:

  • Herzerl (Bavarian) or Herzilein (German) – My dear
  • Schnuckelputzi – Darling
  • Mausi – Literally translated little mouse, used in German like “honey”
  • Zuckerpuppe – Literally translated “sugar doll”, used in German like “doll”
  • Schatzi or Schatz – Treasure
  • Liebling – Darling
  • Wiesn Luder – “Wiesn” is the location where the Oktoberfest is situated, and a “Luder” is a “bitch”
  • Engerl (Bavarian) or Engel (German) – Angel
  • Wiesn Prinzessin – Wiesn Princess