1. We tried this bread and it turned out huge and tasted fantastic! One question though, what is German bread spice?

      1. Brent Reinert says:

        I have made this bread twice now and both times it came out incredibly. Highly recommended. I did cut the recipe in half, though, because there are only two of us in the house. Half was a good size for two people. Thanks for making this recipe available.

        1. Thank you for trying out the recipe, Brent. I truly appreciate your feedback. It is really a huge loaf, I am happy it turned out well for you baking half of the size. A wonderful idea for other readers.

  2. Hello, Glad I found this recipe. Have made it twice now-1st time I made 2 large boule, today as I write this I have 4 loaf pans in the oven. I am noticing that the crust is separating more on the loaves that I didn’t score than the loaves I did score.
    Any thoughts-It is a delicious tasting bread- by the way I used 3 cups of Duram Atta flour as well as excellent Canadian hard wheat bread flour.

    1. Hi Gord, thank you for trying out the recipe. The separation of the crust can have various reasons. Either too much internal pressure built up, which you can avoid by scoring as you mentioned. Other reasons could be that the different flour made the dough too wet/dry, the shaping technique or under proofing. It is really hard to say. Hope that helps.

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