Traditional Christmas Food in Germany

We asked German people about their favorite dishes for Christmas Eve. 
In this Top 5 article you will find out what they answered.


TOP 5 – Table Grill Raclette

A popular dish for Christmas Eve is table-top grill raclette. The family sits around the table and each person cooks their meat on the hot sizzling grill and melts cheeses in little pans. This dish has a lot of variations and is served with pickles, bread and vegetables.

Top 4 – Cheese Fondue

Cheese Fondue is another highly entertaining way to eat Christmas dinner. It´s easy to prepare and the families can enjoy time together instead cooking hours to prepare the meal.

Top 3 – Karp or other Fish Dishes

Karp (Karpfen blau) is one of the common German Christmas dinner ideas that will be served in German families. Next to the traditional dishes, you will find a variety of salmon, trout, flunder and seafood menu ideas in the modern German Christmas cuisine.

Top 2 – Potato Salad and Sausages

Sounds simple and not very festive, but it is one of the most favorite dishes on German Christmas evening. As families prepare for church and family traditions the simple dish make the dinner preparations easy. The sausages chosen who are served with a hearty potato salad are most of the times either Wiener or Bockwurst sausages.

Top 1 – Duck or Goose

According to surveys a roasted good or duck is the favorite dinner for most of the German families. The meal is served with potato dumplings and the traditional red cabbage at the side.

See how German families prepare their food for the Christmas holidays in this video.