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  1. adwunderle says:

    Can you use brown rice for this recipe?

    1. I never tried it, but I don´t think you can get this result with any other rice. It is a special rice type to make rice pudding.

    2. Brown rice will absolutely not work for German Milchreis. You’ll get a milk soup with over saturated rice. Acquerello (Purchase @amazon or fancy pants grocer) rice has the health benefits of brown rice with the best flavor profile for German Milchreis. Please don’t use a low quality vanilla extract either.
      I migrated to the US after 20 years in Germany.

    3. Why do you call it Semolina Rice pudding
      Semolina is Duram wheat

  2. Chris Richard says:

    Can I use whole rice

    1. I never tried it, but I heard from other people that you can do it. But it would for sure alter the taste and texture. Please let me know how it turned out if you decide to try it.

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