Top 8 German Schnitzel Variations

Top 1 – Wiener Schnitzel – Wienerschnitzel

One of the most famous schnitzel is the Wienerschnitzel. The name Wiener Schnitzel is protected and must be made from veal. The slice of veal is pounded very thinly, breaded and fried in a generous amount of lard.

Top 2 – Breaded Schnitzel – Paniertes Schnitzel

Another famous schnitzel is the breaded schnitzel which is the one you will most likely eat if someone serves you a German schnitzel. It is usually made from pork and you will find variations with all kinds of different meat and even vegan versions with tofu or vegetables as the meat substitute.

Top 3 – Unbreaded Schnitzel – Schnitzel Natur

The so-called Schnitzel Natur is a simple unbreaded schnitzel usually made from pork but it is very popular also from turkey, chicken, veal, beef or even venison. It is especially popular for health-conscious people or people who want to lose weight.

Top 4 – Jager Schnitzel – Jägerschnitzel

Jägerschnitzel is topped with a creamy or brown mushroom sauce and is served with a breaded or unbreaded schnitzel in Germany. In the former GDR Jägerschnitzel is known as a breaded slice of Jagdwurst (chasseur sausage) with is served with noodles and aromatic tomato sauce.

Top 5 – Schnitzel with Cream Gravy – Rahmschnitzel

The Rahmschnitzel is smothered with a creamy, tasty sauce and can also be served like the Jägerschnitzel on a breaded or unbreaded schnitzel.

Top 6 – Gypsy Schnitzel – Zigeunerschnitzel

A Zigeunerschnitzel or also called Paprikaschnitzel (bell pepper schnitzel) has a flavorful, tangy topping with roasted onions and bell peppers.

Top 3 – Unbreaded Schnitzel – Schnitzel Natur

One of the most favorite snacks on the go in Germany are Schnitzelbrötchen. A breaded schnitzel is served on a crispy German roll with mayo, mustard and ketchup and some lettuce leaves and or some slices of pickles.

Top 8 – Scalloped Cheese Schnitzel – Überbackenes Käseschnitzel

If you are a cheese lover, the Käseschnitzel will make you fall in love as it has cheese melted on top of a crispy breaded schnitzel or unbreaded schnitzel. For a special touch you can even add some tomato slices before melting the cheese on top.