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German Appetizer Recipes

Find your favorite German starter

Vegan Steak Tartare

What is it? Mashed up rice crackers mixed with flavorful ingredients formed into small appetizer...

German Bread and Rolls Recipes

German Country Bread Vegan

Yield: 1 large loaf Prep: 15 min. Wait: 120 min. Bake: 60 min. Landbrot German Country Bread (Vegan) This German hearty bread is flavorful and very easy to make. The apple cider vinegar gives the bread a sourdough like taste...

German Main Dishes

Pork Steaks

What is it? German style pork steak. How is it called in German? “Schweinesteak” or...

German Dessert Recipes

German Rice Pudding

What is it? A German rice pudding. How is it called in German? “Milchreis” “Milch” is the German word for “Milk” and “Reis” means “rice” in English. Milchreis German...

German Cake & Pastry

Nut Stollen

German Nut Stollen This nut stollen recipe is fast and easy to make and is a wonder Christmas...