Pretzel Roll Sandwich


  1. Hi! These look really good, so of course I want to make them. Can I use maldons finishing salt for these? Or does it have to be coarse kosher?

  2. Can u help me with recipe in grams?

  3. Step 9 needs to be moved to after step 16.

  4. Where in the recipe does it say show the part about “resting time: 20 HOURS”

    1. Thank you Kevin for mentioning this. We just changed to a new plugin and it messed up some parts of the recipe. I fixed it.

  5. Delicious rolls, but one suggestion: put the rolls on greased parchment after the water bath. All my rolls stuck and that beautiful crust came off when I peeled them off the parchment!

    1. I am sorry your buns stuck to the parchment paper. It never happened to me. I use the pre-cut sheets from Reynolds, perhaps that makes the difference.

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