Spaetzle 1920x1200


  1. Rhonda White says:

    Can you use any flour? My daughter cannot have wheat flour. Could you suggest another to use?

    1. Hi Michelle, thank you for the question. In my experience you can use all kinds of flour, including the gluten-free ones. You probably need to adjust the amount of water, just make sure you have the consistency like shown in the video and it should turn out fine. Hope that helps. Have a great weekend!

  2. Can a food mill be used to make spaetzle? Thank you in advance.

    1. Angela Schofield says:

      Hi Crystal, yes you can use a food mill to make spaetzle. I would use the largest blade that you have and perhaps you need to add a little less or more water to the dough depending on the size of the blade. In case you rund into problems, you could also use a potato ricer or even a colander. Just add a couple of spoons of the dough to the colander and “scrape” the spaetzle with a flexible dough scraper directly into the water. Hope that helps and guten Appetit! 🙂 Angela

  3. Looks amazing! I love spätzle! I hope to try this soon! In case anyone is trying to find a spätzle maker, I found them on Amazon! I love the convienience of a spätzle maker! Thank you for the recipe!

    1. Angela Schofield says:

      Spätzle are so good. Thank you for providing the Amazon tip.

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