8 German Cakes You Need To Try

Germans have a long traditional history of treasuring their famous 4 o’clock coffee hour. This video features 8 German cake classics that you need to try. If you are not planning a trip to Germany soon, just bake one of these specialties by yourself. You will find a recipe on our website.

No. 1 – German Apple Cake – Apfelkuchen

One of the most popular cakes in Germany are all kinds of variations of apple cakes. If you are invited to a German Kaffeeklatsch, the chances are high that you will be served a wonderful moist and aromatic slice of homemade German apple cake.

No. 2 – German Cheese Cake – Käsekuchen

German cheese cake is especially popular in the Southern part of Germany and is made with and without fruit. The German cheese cake is made with quark instead of cream cheese.

No. 3 – Black Forest Cake – Schwarzwälderkirschtorte

Probably the most famous German cake is the Black Forest Cake. The special ingredient of this decadent delicious cake is the German Kirsch Schnapps which gives the cake it´s unique flavor.

No. 4 – Marble Pound Cake – Marmorkuchen

This cake was my absolute favorite cake as a child and I still love it. Marble cake is very popular in Germany for the famous 4 o’clock coffee hour and a must for every birthday party.

No. 5 – Plumcake – Pflaumenkuchen

If you know a German Oma, I am sure you tried German plum cake with a sweet topping of buttery streusel. Served with some heavy whipping cream, this cake represents good old-world comfort food.

No. 6 – Fruit Tarte German Style – Obsttorte

Especially in the summer time this tart style cake is a refreshing sweet treat. Made with a sponge cake bottom, covered with a thin layer of buttercream or pudding and topped with an abundance of fresh seasonal fruits.

No. 7 – Bee Sting Cake – Bienenstich

The buttery pastry dough of this cake is filled with a rich vanilla custard cream and topped with crunchy honey-glazed sliced almonds. Bienenstich makes a perfect cake to enjoy with a cup of aromatic German coffee.

No. 8 – Frankfurter Wreath – Frankfurter Kranz

This sponge cake consists of decadent layers of German Buttercream and jam. Coated with caramel-covered brittle nuts, called Krokant, and decorated with cherries gives the cake its traditional signature look.